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We can look back on many years of experience in the field of online trading and fulfillment logistics. We know where the adjustment screws lie and what is necessary for your success in e-commerce.


Our state-of-the-art storage system as well as the mature business processes in combination with our modern IT form the basis for your sustainable growth - without sacrificing flexibility.


Not all teams are the same! Our fulfillment team is a close-knit family with great team spirit. No stupid processing but constant questioning of things. Concept instead of blind flight! We attach particular importance to this.


So funktionierts - Step 1

Virtual Meeting

After you have requested a quote , we will arrange a meeting and provide you with the fulfillment services for your e-commerce success - without ulterior motives, compromises and detours!

So funktionierts - Step 2

Connection & Storage

If you choose us as a fulfillment service provider, the onboarding begins. Our many years of experience from various online projects distinguish us. We want to pass on this strength to you without restriction.

So funktionierts - Step 3

Fulfillment Start

And you are already part of the Fillhub family and can get started with us: Mature processes in conjunction with modern and advanced IT and warehouse technology are the foundation for reliable, error-free and time-oriented processing.


Due to our wide-ranging experience in dealing with various systems of our customers, we make the onboarding process to Fillhub professional, simple and stress-free. Depending on the initial situation – i.e. the system you are using – we work with you to create an optimal strategy for connecting your system to our infrastructure and iomplement for a few days. 

Fulfillment Schnittstellen bei Fillhub


Fokus auf Kerngeschäft

Focus on core business

Outsource your fulfillment logistics with Fillhub so that you can focus on your core business in peace.

Marktplatz Fulfiilment


Fast connection to e.B. Amazon or Ebay, so that you are also well positioned on the multichannel channels.

Retouren Management

Returns Management

Fillhub offers you uncomplicated returns processing including inspection, preparation and return to the warehouse.

Individuelle Verpackung

Individual packaging

Would you like packaging tailored to your corporate design? We supply you with the right cardboard boxes.

Weltweiter Versand

Worldwide Shipping

We have many years of experience with international shipping solutions and take care of all customs matters for you.

Taggleicher Versand

Same-day shipping

Speed of shipping: With same-day shipping, your products arrive at the customer as quickly as possible.

Zusammenarbeit mit Fillhub


Having your own warehouse with reliable personnel and coordinated processes can be very time-consuming, stressful and costly. We know what we are talking about and how much time and sweat it takes to build an appropriate logistics infrastructure. Small companies and online shops often do not have the experience and capital to build such structures. A high investment – in every respect – is necessary. We take care of this headache for you so that you can concentrate on your core business – the actual sales and marketing of your products.

It is clear that fulfillment services are the bundling of all activities with regard to the delivery, storage and general handling of goods in a warehouse and from the warehouse to the customer. However, we see much more in this! For us, our customers are not only customers and their products not just clumsy objects! The fact is that our customers can only grow if we do our job well – only then can we grow. As a fulfillment provider, we therefore have the highest interest and make an enormous effort to guarantee a reliable, honest, fast and competent processing. In contrast to some exorbitantly large logisticians (e.B. Amazon), where all personality and control has been lost or can be lost very quickly, we attach great importance to customer proximity and personal business relationships. Even if this “saying” sounds trite: You can trust us!

As a fulfillment company, we know how important it is to comply with the quality requirements imposed on you as a retailer by Amazon and Ebay. A negative shipping service can, for example, quickly lead to negative reviews of your customers as well as a blocking or downgrading of your account by Amazon or Ebay. We also know how demanding customers have become. Sloppy packing, for example, is a no-go! Unpacking on the customer side is an inseparable part of a perfect shopping experience. We are aware of the responsibility we have here towards you but also towards your customers. We will always deliver all orders handed over to us with the utmost love and care as well as absolutely on time!

Whether small or large online shop, startup, small business, social influencer, Amazon or Ebay retailer. Whether one package or several thousand per day. Every customer group is very welcome. Due to our flexibility and short decision-making paths, we will find the right and perfectly coordinated fulfillment solution for you. Your e-commerce success is important to us!

Whether small or large online shop, startup, small business, social influencer, Amazon or Ebay retailer. Whether one package or several thousand per day. An own warehouse with its own shipping logistics as well as its own and above all trained and reliable employees is cost-intensive. You invest here – depending on the point of view – in different things:

  • Into your limited (lifetime) time. A warehouse must be maintained and looked after. That takes time! Time that you could reserve for “more important” things.
  • In storage area. Storage space can quickly become too small with scaling revenues and is therefore not to be regarded as static. Corresponding effort is thus given. The space could be used more sensibly for office or sales premises.
  • Your freedom: The certainty of having someone taking care of the “annoying” and elaborate topics is a good feeling, isn’t it?! (By the way, these are not annoying topics for us – we burn with passion for the topic of fulfillment!)

As a reliable fulfillment provider, we always try to meet the requirements of your company – always under the premise of keeping the fulfillment costs fair and transparent. We talk to many of our customers. The statement, even if it usually does not seem so at first, is always the same: “An own warehouse would be more expensive in any case”.



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